Eco-Tours: Cabo San Lucas Vacations, Wild-Style

Baja is the longest peninsula on earth.  Stretching over 775 miles from Mexicali in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the south, the peninsula encompasses several different ecological zones.  The northern and southern regions are tropical environments with regular rainy seasons, while the central peninsular area is a desert that rarely sees rain.

If you love the outdoors, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect vacation spot for you.  There are many different environments in the area, and many ways to experience nature.  Here are the main ecological regions in Cabo San Lucas - and just a few ways you can get close to them on your next vacation. 

Desert.  The beaches in Cabo San Lucas get a lot of publicity - but its desert is just as beautiful.  The desert ecology around Cabo San Lucas features towering sandstone cliffs, stunning natural pools and waterfalls, and world-renowned fossil beds.

The best time to visit the desert is during the winter months, when the temperature rarely rises above 70 degrees.  It’s possible to go in the summer, but inadvisable to hike after morning hours.  There are many tour companies offering desert hiking excursions.  Other ways to explore the desert during your vacation include mountain biking, horseback riding, ATV tours, and even ultra-light plane tours.

Mountains.  A spectacular network of mountains, the Peninsular Ranges, extends the length of the Baja Peninsula.  The southernmost range in the string is the Sierra de La Laguna. The hiking is spectacular here, and many people visit the mountains while on vacation.  It’s recommended that you take a guide, however - not all trails are well marked. 

Coastal regions.  There’s more to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas than sunbathers.  At Lovers’ Beach, you’ll find breathtaking cliff formations - several tour companies run climbing expeditions here.  Medano Beach has two miles of soft, sloping sand - perfect for the serious beach runner on vacation. 

There are several stunning rock formations off the coast of Land’s End, including the Arch - a stunning rock formation near Lover’s Beach.  Visitors on vacation can hire a tour guide to take them on a boat tour of this beautiful spot, including a visit to nearby Lover’s Beach.

Marine environments.  There’s a wealth of undersea nature to explore off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.  The Sea of Cortes is believed to be one of the most fertile ocean areas in the world, with over 800 species of tropical and cold-water fish in residence. 

Cabo San Lucas Bay is an ideal diving spot, with a deep underwater trench harboring a unique marine environment.  Sand Falls, a popular dive spot in the bay, reaches depths of 300 feet and was originally discovered by Jacques Cousteau.  If shallow diving is more your style, there’s always Cabo Pulmo - the only living coral reef on the Pacific coast, and a popular spot for snorkelers and divers on vacation.

Wetlands. Because it’s one of the only fresh water sources in the area, the San Jose Estuary attracts hundreds of bird and animal species - including osprey, eagles, herons, turkey vultures, and egrets.  It’s a beautiful place to explore by kayak during your next vacation.

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